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Attract superior tenants to optimise your retail mix.

Quality tenants attract higher volumes of foot traffic, increasing your average rental rates and providing sustainable growth.  Now you can bring these tenants to your mall by providing a competitive advantage with performance statistics and transparency through data.

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Improve operational efficiency and control by optimally scheduling resources.

Align security, cleaning and maintenance staff to requirement by understanding actual needs using data and trending for insight. 

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Make the most of your marketing budget by accurately assessing the success of every campaign.

By understanding foot-traffic and conversion rates during campaign periods you have the ability to understand the success of one campaign compared to another.

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Maximise retail lease revenue.

You know you can achieve higher lease rates where foot traffic is optimal, now you justify higher rentals by providing the statistics needed to prove value.

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Engage at the right level with your tenants by having accurate data and statistics that will help them be successful.

Nothing is more powerful than telling someone something they don't know.  Have meaningful conversations with your customers by giving them information that will help them improve their performance.

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Understand the performance of individual retailers and mall locations.

Optimise outcomes with the understanding of foot flow and conversion rates.  Help individual tenants be successful with the power of data driven decision making.

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