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Maximise conversion rate through demand based rostering.

The impact of over and under rostering is significant.  Over rostering causes costly profit shrinkage whilst under rostering will prevent you from reaching maximum sales potential.

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Optimise your retail foot print

Improve rental rates and ensure that investment is put into the right stores.   Analytics can be used by retailers to close unproductive stores, expand and remodel stores in the best locations and carefully vet locations for new stores.

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Measure marketing campaigns with accuracy.

Ensure you are getting a return on investment for every marketing dollar spent by measuring the customer foot traffic impact of every single campaign.

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Achieve the intelligence and science in your bricks and mortar stores that you are used to measuring against in your online store.

The overheads of bricks and mortar stores is significant and achieving a return on this is paramount to retail success.  You know the performance of your online store through the statistics you can access with ease.  Get the same data for your bricks and mortar stores and drive even higher performance with optimal staffing and customer service.

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Ensure your customers are served fast and efficiently with the ultimate staffing levels.

In this day and age, customers won't wait around.  Increase transaction numbers and value by providing a quality customer experience and speed at both decision making and payment stage.  Optimal staffing numbers and location in the store are critical to speed of transaction and average dollar value of each sale.

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Expand on store hotspots by having visibility of customer movement and buying behaviour.

Analyse dwell time, occupancy and corresponding buying patterns to determine the most popular areas of each store. With this vital information, you can optimise store layout and eliminate the revenue leakage caused by cold spots.

Proven results and Guarantee

Most retailers would be excited about a sales increase of 2% to 3%.  Reveal customers are experiencing increases of 10% to more than 100%!  How is this possible?  Most conversion rate based systems only give you the ability to view what is happening but not to change it.  Reveal have created a software suite that is fully integrated with your key information systems and provides the tools to enable you to grow significantly.  In doing this for the past twenty years we have also build a unique knowledge of how to achieve this for your business.  When systems are taken with the optional consulting package we will even guarantee a significant growth in your business.

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